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Avoid Council Fuss

Tiny houses are road registrable caravans, so in most situations, if there's already an existing dwelling, a member of the household may live permanently in a tiny home. Check your state and local council laws for your specific use though, we're not lawyers.


We have prioritised a long-term living situation in the bedroom, with a Queen sized mattress space, and ample headroom, louvre windows for a fresh breeze, and built-in reading/ambience lights.


We don't think you should compromise on your bathroom. We have designed a space using full-sized bathroom fittings and shower, and with flexibility to choose a composting toilet, incinerator toilet or plumbing it in to your existing sewage system.


Our tiny homes are built to be lived in full-time, and for us — we love cooking — that means we need a good kitchen.
We've built one with the option for full-sized appliances, but you can keep minimal as well for more storage.

Our design is ready to go off-grid too, with the option for gas or induction cooktops.

Living room

We love lounging around and taking in nature. We've built our lounge room around the focal point of our huge windows, one of which is a louvre so you can get great cross-flow through the whole house.


We've built everything with passive house principles in mind. Our houses come fully insulated, floor to ceiling.
Our houses are off-grid ready, whether you want to go fully solar & battery or gas & solar.
We've opted to avoid burning fuel for heating as well, we've gone with a RCAC for energy efficiency, both in heating and cooling.


With over 25 years experience in high end residential and commercial construction, our team brings you some of the best and most innovative mobile living spaces on the market. We take pride in our product and deliver you a high quality build that will live with you throughout your adventures. We work with a large network of designers, architects and tradesmen to achieve an eclectic display of homes influenced by timeless design eras. We can alter our finishes, fixtures and fittings to suit your taste. We only use our floor plans as they have been developed to provide the best overall functionality and versatility within our homes.